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15 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022
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15 Best Project Management Software and Tools 2022

Are you Looking for the best project management software for your business or company? Well, You’re in luck! I have made the work easier for you and combined 15 project management software and tools into one comprehensive yet detailed list.

Choosing the appropriate project management software for your company is crucial. Especially, if you want to have a desire to stay on the top of all your projects.

The best Project management software can help you immensely in keeping an eye on all your projects. Also, project management software like Trello and ClickUp lets you form a successful and responsive team collaboration. Project management software and tools even help you in effectively scheduling all your work.

Also, do you want to see how ClickUp compares to Monday.com? Check out my ClickUp vs Monday comparison article.





Price for 1 minute


◾Super customizable

◾Completely no-code

◾Smooth, intuitive UI


◾One app to replace all

◾Free forever plan!

◾Agile board views

Smart Sheet

◾Huge template library

◾Highly Scalable

◾Powerful integrations


     ◾Free for up to 5 users

◾Pinnable to-do lists

◾Interactive reports


◾Free client users

◾Multiple views

◾Advanced reporting

What is the Best Project Management Software?

Down below are my ultimate picks for the best project management software for your business/ teams this year.

1. Monday.com

Best Overall Project Management Software

monday.com logo

My Take on Monday.com

Monday.com is a medium that lets you manage projects. You can now make plans, collaborate, create reports and even monitor progress on the results of your team & their assigned work. It is appropriate for not just individuals, but, also for businesses needing a solution for project management, but it has a limitation of 5 users only.

Best ForOverall Management
Annual DiscountYes – Save 18%
PromotionGet Started FreeTry Monday.com

Monday.com is one of the numerous well-known project management tools on the demand. It’s a contemporary version of the earlier known Dapulse with a lot more components.

With a neat, uncluttered interface and color-coded features, Monday.com is a platform that is pretty precise and easy to use. Monday.com is also offering a user-friendly mobile app.

Monday.com Features:

features of monday.com
  • Monday.com offers a highly customizable workflow.
  • Offers undo button
  • You get a colored timeline that can be synced with the calendar.
  • Monday.com provides a portal that is useful for clients and stakeholders.
  • Delivers a feature called ‘create a new pulse’ that permits you to copy any list and paste it for a full transfer.
  • Charts for timeline visualization
  • Presents map view for location-based projects
  • You get a wide variety of templates for project managers.
  • Last but not the least, you enjoy Resource management tools.

Monday.com – Prominent Features


The very first and foremost thing that you will notice while logging into Monday.com is that it will feel a speck more precise and specific to use than ClickUp. That is because it helps you and guides you through the necessary and introductory stages of setting up your account, which moreover, depends on what kind of business you hold.

Monday.com Features

Now that you have come to the dashboard of Monday.com, it gets really easy for you and anyone to navigate. The tasks that you assign are prepared and presented in the form of different boards respectively.

These boards are placed similarly in the form of Pinterest Boards, which Alsos them visually appealing for the eyes as well. Also, you can switch the board view to the calendar view, which will help you further for having a clear view of the tasks that need to be done for the week ahead.

You can even set up your dashboard as you want. You can highly customize it and make it look however you want it to look. Also, You just have to click and drag a widget wherever you wish to place it.

These widgets include the status overview of the assigned project, charts, team members, time tracking, and even a mini-calendar that is color-coded for your convenience.

However, a drawback while comparing to ClickUp is that Monday.com does not really offer a similar variety of dashboards as ClickUp.

Project Management
Monday.com Process Management

Coming down to talk about the Project Management function, Monday.com offers a big hand for several features. You can construct boards for separate projects, which is an extremely simple yet effective thing to do. Every single board can include many tasks, which can be further bunched up together.

Moreover, you can even use the color-code feature to keep an easy eye on their status. Also, if you are among the member working on a particular task, you can create your own labels if the pre-made labels fail to suit your vibe or working space.

You can likewise add additional items to boards, which may also include time trackers, formulas, progress tracking, locations, and more. You can also automate some tasks, which will help you to save time on repetitious admin jobs, which is really beneficial.

Once the assigned project is complete and ready to transfer, you can track and even share the results using data from the other multiple projects as it will make it easier to easily visualize the work of your team member.

Customer Support
Monday.com customer support
Monday.com customer support

Monday.com delivers a thorough customer support offering as well. Customers can easily take help from the video tutorials or the knowledge base. The project management tool even presents a section for you that has specific solutions. For example, marketing, project management, and sales.

Users can access the support team of Monday.com directly, however, Monday.com does not really offer an option for live chat as Clickup does. Users usually have to fill up an email concerning the problem to be able to contact them.

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Monday.com delivers more than 50 integrations so your team’s work can be unrestricted all in one place. Integrations on Monday.com’s site are further broken out into each separate broken out into categories such as CRM, marketing, etc.  

Principal and notable integrations further include Microsoft Teams under it. The integration of the Microsoft team helps to embed project boards into team chats, whereas, Excel helps to import and export any sheet among your team member you’d like.

Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com Pricing Plan

There are basically four pricing plans on Monday.com, excluding the Free version, but their range highly varies depending on the number of users you require. The prices shown here are based on five users (the minimum number).

Basic Plan – $39

This includes 5 GB of file storage, unlimited free views, unlimited boards, over 20 column types, some customization, and a few basic features.

Standard Plan – $49 per month

This includes 50 GB of storage, more integrations including Zoom, timeline and calendar view, a map view, and advanced search.

Pro Plan – $79 per month

This includes unlimited file storage, plus pretty much all the features Monday.com has to offer – including formula columns, chart view, private boards, and more.

Enterprise Plan – Price upon request

This includes many more security features – perfect for larger companies, large teams, or industries requiring extra security.

Monday.com offers a free trial – you can find out more here.

2. ClickUp

Best No-Code Application to Replace Them All

clickup logo

My Take on ClickUp

ClickUp or Clickup app is a platform that integrates the various features and elements of many other types of apps, that include to-do lists, project management tools, spreadsheets, email, time tracking, and recording and screenshots.

Basically, it is made in a way that aims at the individual as well as any sized business that wishes to simplify their team management work and project management. Moreover, ClickUp comes with a free plan which has proved to be absolutely amazing for small teams.

Best ForUniting Teams
Annual DiscountYes – Save 45%

Over 100,000 groups operate ClickUp, which includes major brands like Netflix, Google, Airbnb, Nike, and Uber.

It’s also a favorably customizable tool, with the capability to make your custom views and task boards that contain team members and assignments in improvement, review, finished, etc.

And in case, you have to migrate or shift from ClickUp to any other platform, this project management software lets you automatically import all your information and files in a minute.

ClickUp presents exhaustive time management, and task management encourages collaboration between various business units and presents a wide spectrum of integrations.

Key Features Of ClickUp

Features of ClickUp
  • Allows you to set priorities for different tasks.
  • Offers you a wide range of templates to choose from.
  • You get to see that progress in four different types of views.
  • Offer drag and drop feature.
  • Delivers excellent contact management features
  • Lets automatic import documents from other apps
  • Allows you to manage tasks into sub-tasks

ClickUp – Prominent Features

ClickUp Feature

ClickUp delivers a customizable dashboard so that you can easily arrange and change the settings according to your needs and preferences. You get to see and work with a lot of features. These are:

  • A list view that displays tasks in a checklist form, with color-coding for the quickness of individual task
  • The Task management board view lets you see and observe the tasks in the manner of Pinterest. That is, you get to see boards for each task further categorized by the setting of completion.
  • Box view guides team members in boxes with tasks allocated to them.
  • The Calendar view displays your calendar with tasks that are color-coded by haste.
  • Gantt’s view is founded on the Gantt method of delivering a project’s progress over time, with particular tasks in a flow-chart style presentation.
  • The File view displays files in respective boxes for you to easily segregate and work upon.
Process Management
ClickUp Process Management

There are so many core features to create process management more effortless in ClickUp. Custom statuses let team members apparently mark the phase of each task, with customized color codes and checklists.

The Checklist templates entitle you to make checklists that can be even used again as a standard pro format template, for instance, if you are using the same process for another task, you can save the template so that the other members working on the same task can also use it. Moreover, this will make it very clear for your teammates to learn how to approach and initiate a task.

You can even add numerous assignees to the exact same task, and you can add task reliances. If you wish to stop a task from being initiated until another task is completed, you can also add a ‘waiting on’ dependency. That is, the next task will only be active once the other task is completed. Or, if you wish to stop a task from being completed, you can also work out the ‘blocking’ dependency. You can even link tasks together, so you can effortlessly see an outline of all the tasks linking to a particular project plan.

ClickUp, actually, makes it uncomplicated for the team members to continuously get reminded of their work ad task that needs to be finished. ClickUp also holds a feature that will flag up a notice if you try to complete a task that has an active dependency, it will dispatch out information when a task evolves unlocked.

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Customer Support
Clickup customer support

Clickup or clickup app has its own website, that helps boasts the highest-rated client support in the respective industry. Their customer support comes with an availability 24/7 and is even available to users that have taken under any pricing plan, Moreover, the Users can even access Clickup’s customer service team in not just one but several ways. 

ClickUpresource center delivers onboarding, webinar, documents, demos, videos, and a community of Clickup users in charge to troubleshoot issues on their own. So, they doest have to worry about even the smallest of that things.

Also, one of the prominent features of ClickUp comes under the Customer Service department. That is, you get to talk live with the people working at the support system.


Clickup delivers more than 300 native integrations in directives to boost users’ productivity. Few of the prominent integrations enclose slack so you can make and manage tasks without leaving discussions, Everhour for time tracking.

Also, Dropbox for file storage, and Google Drive to attach files and search according to the ClickUp task. The platform even delivers a public API so developers can build custom integrations. 

ClickUp Integrates with:

  • Slack
  • GitHub, Bitbucket, Gitlab
  • GoogleDrive
  • Outlook
  • Dropbox
  • Vimeo and YouTube
  • Chrome
  • Time tracking apps like Timecamp, Promodone, Timeneye, Timely, and Clockify
  • Zoom
  • Zendesk

ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp proposes four pricing models:

Free Forever Plan – $0 member/month

The free plan comes with little but enough features to run a successful management tool. You get to enjoy unlimited tasks, unlimited members, and unlimited projects but do limit some other processes, including portfolios, goals, dashboards, and milestones. Also, the free plans are limited to 100 uses/views.

Unlimited Plan – $5 member/month

This grants you unlimited access to primary features besides Workload, Custom Exporting, and Private, Protected, and Default Views.

Business Plan – $9 member/month

This grants you unlimited access to basic features, as well as Workload, Custom Exporting, and Private Protected, even Default Views, plus branding and customization and many more features.

Enterprise Plan – Price upon Request

This provides you access to everything that is included in the business plan along with extra security features, like HIPAA Compliance, restricting who can add guests, and more.

You can find out more about the pricing here.

3. Teamwork

Teamwork logo

My take on Teamwork

Well, if you have a team that is creative and comes up with brainstorming ideas always, it is very important for you to have a good system for perfectly managing them. One superb way to do this is to take the help of the best project management software and tools.

This time, we are talking about Teamwork. This particular project management software takes project management to another level and makes it super easy to collaborate and communicate very easily.

Moreover, if you want to make the maximum of your team’s creativity, I would highly recommend Teamwork.

Best ForCreative Teams
Annual DiscountNo

Teamwork is a wonderful tool to maximize resources that are known to complete a task or project. Teamworks works best as the project managing software as it helps you to scale and plan on anything big. Moreover, it helps in divvying up tasks so that they are completed efficiently.

Moreover, Teamwork lets you add chat functionality, thereby working as the best project management software. If you’re examining for entire visibility in all parts of your work, and like to be capable to optimize and organize your team’s workflow – then Teamwork is a great software to regard.

Key Features Of Teamwork

Features of Teamwork
  • The teamwork platform lets you group projects concurrently so you can effortlessly find and work on them. You can also increase the count of people in each space, and provide them different authorizations.
  • For example, some people might only be able to view projects, while others can work on them and some can not even view it.
  • Project updates allow you know what’s occurring with your ongoing project in actual time. You can even see who is working on your project.
  • Time logging is a wonderful method to maintain track of how much time you’re paying on a project.
  • The feature of Custom fields lets you conjoin extra data to projects, tasks, and files. This is useful if you require to follow specific data points that are essential to your project.
  • Versioning and Files allow you to manage and upload all the files that are linked with your project in one place.
  • Tasklist templates help you in creating templates for your lists so that you can easily add the templates to existing projects.

User Experience:

user experience of Teamwork project management software

If you like working on the listview form, then you will be happy working with Taeamwork’s interface.

The menu on the left-hand side offers an immediate allowance for every project of yours. Moreover, you can e=just drag and drop the tasks into the way you want them to happen.

You can now access and see all the dashboards that are active by your teammates while working on a particular project.

Teamwork Pricing Plans:

Teamwork pricing plan

So, there are generally four pricing plans offered by Teamwork:

  • Free Forever: $0 per month
  • Deliver: $10 per month
  • Grow: $18 per month
  • Scale: A custom quote is provided

You can get activated for free or even request a demo to see how Teamwork can actually benefits you.

4. Wrike

Best Project Management Software for Large Teams

wrike logo

My Take on Wrike

Businesses having a large team and project management that is manual is generally not a good mix. Too many chefs in the kitchen can easily lead to mishappening. This is the reason why Wrike is an absolutely amazing project management tool.

Wrike is presented to us in the form of Kanban-style boards that allow for very easy visualization of the work and its progress. Moreover, the commenting system assures that everyone has given their bit to the project and allows track changes easily.

Best ForLarge Teams
Annual DiscountNo

A SaaS team collaboration and project management tool, Wrike, helps in boasting of a multi-pane UI and even helps in team project management and collaboration.

Wrike is even considered one of the best project management software. It stands out with its expansive range of project management features, involving team communication, following employee availability, and considering at-risk projects.

You get to enjoy fully customizable group sprint dashboards, and team members can consider new, in-progress, and completed projects, all in one place. Isn’t it great? Teams can likewise share and schedule custom interactive statements to make quicker decisions.

Wrike is accessible in multiple languages and is consistent with both iOS and Android.

Key Features:

Features of Wrike
  • Effortless prioritization
  • Easy to use drag-and-drop editor
  • Visualization tracking
  • Delivers Dynamic Request Forms (DRF) to facilitate project planning
  • Involuntary and user-friendly interface
  • Integrations with an expansive range of tools, including CRM apps, email marketing tools, and so forth
  • Avant-garde analytics and data perspicuity from integration with Tableau

User Experience:

Wrike User Experience

Wrike’s interface is very easy to work with. This is because it comes with a very logical layout. The interface that Wrike provides is familiar for anyone who has previously used any sort of project management software.

The tool delivers effortless access to some of the most generally used features (for like spaces, recycling bin, shared items, and more) from the menu situates on the left-hand side.

Not just this, you can even utilize projects and folders to keep your work highly organized. That is, Wrike can be highly customizable for you.

Wrike Pricing Plans:

Wrike has five plans that are amazing for enterprises, companies, small businesses, and marketers.

Wrike Pricing Plans
  • First and foremost is the ‘Professional’ plan which offers access to up to 15 users, and will cost you around $9.80 per user per month.
  • The second plan is the ‘Business’ plan. This plan offers you access to a range of 5 to 200 students. It will cost you $24.80 per user per month. Moreover, it offers volume discounts.
  • The ‘Marketers,’ ‘Professional Services,’ and the ‘Enterprise’ plans present access to complete and unlimited users and can also be customized according to your provisions.

All the programs and plans offer a free trial time for up to 5 users.

Try Wrike

5. Asana

asana logo

My Take on Asana

Asana is, basically a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Project-Management Platform. It was launched in 2008, for managing, uniting, tracking, and organizing work and groups. With Asana, you can now easily handle, manage and supervise work.

Also, you can initiate, create projects and tasks, assign work to your team, and easily interact with the other members easily. By concentrating your team’s work in Asana, institutions can help their teams in improving job productivity, thereby saving time, and eradicating distractions.

Best ForHitting Deadlines
Annual DiscountNo

Asana, as the name suggests, it is highly popular for it has been named after the yoga pose. Asana can run on Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS.

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Key Features:

Key Features of Asana
  • You can story Unlimited files up to 100MB per file.
  • Unlimited activity log, tasks, projects, and messages.
  • Capability to collaborate with a max of 15 teammates.
  • Custom rules builder.
  • You get to work in the List view, Board view, and Calendar view.
  • Comes with Assignee and due date opportunities.
  • Delivers options for Project Overview and Project Brief.
  • Very much compatible with iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Custom fields, Admin Console.
  • Offers a ‘My task’ list and Focus mode.
  • Get computerized updates in emails.

User Experience:

asana user experience

With subtasks and tasks, Asana’s interface is identical to that of other project management software.

You can easily add descriptions and tag team members when making a task.

The interface is extremely clean and effortless to use, and you can split your work into various projects to keep everything methodical and organized in a very neat way.

Asana Pricing Plan:

Asana Pricing Plan

Asana proposes three pricing models. They are Premium, Business, and Enterprise respectively.

Basic- US$0

This plan is basically Free forever. With the basic plan, you can now Manage tasks and personal to-dos very easily. This plan grants you Unlimited tasks, and projects. messages, activity log. Moreover, you can collaborate with up to 15 teammates.

Premium- US$10.99

Per-user, per month billed annuallyUS$ 13.49 billed monthly. With this plan, it gets super easy for you to track team projects with features and resources like Workflow Builder, unlimited dashboard, Unlimited free guests, form, rules, and task Templates. Along with it, you get to enjoy the Basic features as well.

Business- US$24.99

Per-user, per month billed annuallyUS$ 30.49 billed monthly. With this plan, you get to enjoy Everything. It includes all the basic features and premium features along with Portfolios, goals, Approvals, and proofing.

6. Hive

Hive Homepage

Hive is yet another project management software that is cloud-based and provides you with collaboration software that helps you in managing tasks, track progress, and automate workflow.

Moreover, Hive lets you manage and monitor the project and tasks for your team. You can switch between the different project views very efficiently.

The Four project views that are available in Hive are:

  • Gantt view
  • Calendar view
  • Table View
  • Kanban view
Hive Gantt Chart

Also, Hive presents you with numerous types of immediately using templates for tasks that are recurring and even for new tasks.

Hive also delivers a considerable type of templates to operate immediately for recurring tasks or actual new tasks. You can even discover pre-designed templates for workflows and task roadmaps.

Moreover, there are other “My Actions” sections in the dashboard which lets you view all your work and progress. You can further break down the project into the different components, like the ones that are running or completed, or under process.

Hive Account

To think of it more deeply, Hive Analytics allows you to notice the relevant progress of your project and Team members. You can even track the other factors like project completion and the most productive day or the person of the month.

Moreover, you can automate the workflow, that is, you can set the actions to be done automatically later on. Actions like adding labels and moving cards can happen with just one click.

Hive provides you with a Chatbox that lets you transfer the flag, file, or any information to any member of that particular task. Also, the chatbox allows you to chat and command your team members with the drag and drop option.

Hive even provides you integration with great resources like Outlook and Gmail. Their inbox lets you see and manage all your emails in the Hive Mail itself. Not just this, you can even attach the emails to the running or new task.

To talk about integration and services, Hive provides you integration with over 1000 marketing and communication apps making it very easy for you to operate. You don’t have to keep switching from one platform to the other. Some of the very popular and prevalent integrations are:

  • Microsoft Team
  • Slack
  • GitHub
  • Google Drive
  • Salesforce
  • Okta

Hive’s mobile app is also available in the market that allows you to manage the projects and trace the progress of the task. You can use the app to easily get access the information and find the attached files. Also, you can send messages directly from your phone and add tasks.

Key Features Of Hive

  • Hive allows you to provide feedback and agree on the projects straight from your phone.
  • You can add comments and messages on the cards to intercommunication with your team.
  • Track sheets can be very useful to track time.
  • You can request invites and collaborate with members and clients from outside your organization.
  • Enjoy the feature of Hive Chat or integrate your Hive dashboard with Slack for more useful communication.
  • It mails an alert whenever you hand over a task to each member.

7. TimeCamp

Timecamp app Homepage

What is timecamp?

TimeCamp is convenient in use and comes with brilliant time tracking software, especially for freelancers and teams. Timecamp is one of the most popular and prevalent project management software as it is free and provides you with ample features.

Furthermore, Timecamp streamlines the daily workflow issue. Once you start using timecamp, you would not have to keep looking for the progress and track of the work. Timecamp makes your job easy and is considered one of the best project management software.

TimeCamp is free for unlimited users, and the program includes unlimited projects and jobs as well. 

Key Features Of Time Camp

  • A special project tree design with tags facilitates client management and makes multidimensional time and project management
  • You get to work with the Computer activities tracking. It will automatically fill your timesheets with daily activity, 
  • You can request and iinvite your customers and offer them to see the proof of work and the team’s performance over time.
  • The attendance module in TimeCamp lets you keep a track of the leaves, holidays, and vacation days; and if you incorporate it with billing rates, you will even get a payroll system within Timecamp, 
  • Custom user roles – describe your user classes to modify the user privileges to the design of your projects,

8. Planio

Planio project management software

Plan.io is a project management software that allows you to manage and track your projects and works. Have you heard about planio Redmine? Well, Planio is grounded on Redmine, another open-source Ruby on the Rails-based project management software. Similarly, it enables you with Version Control and files syncing mode.

From creating a product to dispatching it for the final- Planio assists you in planning and managing the entire process. This project management software lets you adjust the status, classification, priority, assignee, start, and expected date of the projects.

Moreover, you can calculate metrics like the quantity of work done, time spent, subtasks, and more additional. The capability to keep track of the issues, and tasks, and create workflows. Roadmaps are also very effective in managing your tasks.

Planio allows you to work with a role-based system. In other words, you can provide your employees explicit permissions like edit/add/delete tasks, handle subtasks, designate work, and other custom made tasks.

Planio role-based system

Also, Planio now lets you manage and monitor all your work through your mobile phone. That is, you can now work from anywhere anytime. Moreover, Planio even claims to make your planning easy and successful. Likewise, you can move the task to the column that says completer, so that it gets easy for you to understand the different stages of the project.

The tool even comes with an automatically generated chart, Gantt chart planio, that helps you monitor the improvement and performance of your tasks and team. These charts allow you to keep an easy track of metrics. Moreover, it helps in identifying the mistake and correcting them.

gantt chart planio

Not just this, planio storage is another important factor while considering this as the best project management software. Planio assists with Repository management and allows you to assign work to each member – without any monotonies.

Further, you can cooperate and communicate ideas within your team utilizing forums and team chat features. You can discuss with them, save the files they share, consider their merits, and more.

Key Features Of Planio

  • Any team member can handle the tasks straight from the email, even from their phones.
  • You can also change the position, importance, assignee, etc.
  • It delivers auto-generated Gantt charts that present you with an overview of the advancement of your tasks.
  • Planio works best to Time-track your activities.
  • You get to use Message forums for team discussions.
  • The mobile app allows you to work from anywhere without a problem.

Planio Pricing Plans:

Plan.io provides the subsequent five pricing plans:

  • Silver: €19 per month (3 active projects)
  • Gold: €39 per month (7 active projects)
  • Diamond: €75 per month (15 active projects)
  • Platinum: €149 per month (40 active projects)
  • Enterprise: €299 per month (100+ active projects)

All the programs come with a free trial for a month. You can likewise get in contact with their support team for customized pricing for some features. All the plans mentioned above contain SSL encryption, regular updates, blockages & maintenance, unrestricted imports of existing data, help via e-mail and phone, etc.

9. GanttPRO

ganttpro api

What is Ganttpro?

GanttPRO is basically, an online project management tool based on Gantt Charts and simplicity.

The Gantt charts deliver a precise and straightforward picture of tasks, team members, due dates, and preferences. Also, Ganttpro provides you with all the major types of views, that is, grid view, board view, and portfolio view.

GanttPRO excels with team management. Components like real-time synchronization, notices, file attachments, comments, and remarks all uphold team members in the loop for every assigned project.

Ganttpro Features:

  • Project management boards and tracking.
  • You can change the dates and manage the Project calendars.
  • User settings and group member permissions.
  • You get to manage the Time trackers and time log reports.
  • Time estimation and duration of the project.
  • Ganttpro provides you with pre-configured and custom project templates.
  • Three kinds of project budget tracking.

Ganttpro Pricing:

Ganttpro Pricing:

GanttPRO is $15 for one user. However, its ganttpro pricing plans keep getting less with each increasing user.

  • Their tool will cost around $8.90 per month per user for 5 users ($44.50 per month).
  • Secondly, $6.50 per month for 40 users ($260 per month).
  • $4.50 per user per month for 100 users ($450 per month).

Across the board, if you’re examining a convenient project management software, GanttPRO is a fantastic option.

10. ProofHub

proofhub login

What is Proofhub?

ProofHub is a project planning software that comprises every tool needed by your team to get work done quicker and together. ProofHub doesn’t take per-user fees. These tools help you control your team, thereby, making it easy for your team to finish the project efficiently.

Proofhub Features:

  • Completely cloud-based
  • White-labelling (enables you to add your colors, logo, and theme)
  • Gantt charts for visualization (track progress, change views, export)
  • Efficient security protocols in place
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Offers Kanban-style boards to visualize and self-manage
  • Excellent integrations (Outlook, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  • Offers great project templates
  • Comes with a built-in proofing tool that allows you to share, review, preview, and provide feedback
  • Both one-on-one and group chats available for better collaboration
  • Allows you to review multiple files simultaneously

Proofhub Pricing:

The proofhub pricing plan begins with a cost of $89 per month (billed annually) and goes up to $45 per month (billed annually). They even offer a 30-day free trial.

11. Backlog

Backlog Project Management

What is a Backlog?

Backlog is a complete and overall project management app for teams. By project management with version control and bug tracking, Backlog has bought together code management and project management into one tool.

Further, teams can be willing to collaborate and complete projects with Kanban boards for job tracking, Burndown and Gantt charts for keeping track of your work, and custom Wikis for entering your team’s shared knowledge.

Not just this, Backlog features push notifications, comment history threads, and drag-and-drop file management to organize everything in one place.

Feature Backlog:

  • You get to use the task tracking tools, bug tracking, and project version control under one platform.
  • Visual Gantt charts and Kanban-style boards help in better resource management and project planning.
  • The Backlog has got Built-in SVN and Git repositories.
  • This software comes with Custom statuses and workflows that will suit your work.
  • Mobile app for Android and iOS users

Backlog Pricing:

backlog pricing

Backlog features four cost-effective plans, including a free plan:

  • Their free plan delivers 10 users, one project, and 100 MB of storage.
  • Their starter plan at $35/month allows up to 30 users, five projects, and 1 GB of storage.
  • The most popular standard plan at $100/month supplies unlimited users, up to 100 projects, 30 GB of storage, and Gantt charts.
  • Backlog’s premium plan is $175/month. This plan gives unlimited users, unlimited projects, 100 GB of storage, Gantt charts, and custom fields.

12. ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project Management Software

ProProfs is one of the best project management software that aims to keep each and every team of a company on the same platform. You will never miss out on any important date, whether you are working from the office desk or any remote area.

Not just that, ProProfs lets you collaborate with your teammates while keeping the latest development and feedback in the loop.

ProProfs Features:

  • Employ the ‘Task dependency’ feature to reposition and customize dates for all tasks and deliverables in a click
  • It permits you to make recurring tasks and use different project templates to streamline your work
  • Effortlessly you can monitor your task and the deadlines.
  • You can set a timer for the deadlines and can even access your account from your mobile.
  • You can make a comprehensive project completion report for the clients, so that, they can have a better knowledge about the work going on.
  • You can control and follow your resources by assigning the right people to the right tasks and optimizing processes
  • Conduct comprehensive budget management, breakdown your budget, and manage expenditure in specific focus areas
  • Guarantees timely invoicing and follow-up with clients.
  • Presents Gantt charts and assists you to make financial summaries

ProProfs Pricing:

ProProfs pricing

It provides a freemium plan for necessary functions. After this, there are three paid plans, starting from $19 per month and going up to $199 per month. The paid plans offer a 15-day free trial period.

13. Workzone

WorkZone Cover Photo

Workzone is an amazing yet another cloud-based project management software. To talk about its most prominent feature, it lets you perform custom branding for business. Also, Workzone lets you display their logo and signature.

Workzone says ” Our award-winning software and world-class support help busy teams deliver projects on time.”

Workzone Features:

  • Presents excellent collaboration features
  • The project dashboard gives reference to all features
  • Offers a wide variety of templates
  • Comprehensive document management
  • Budget and cost management
  • All-in-one space for portfolio management
  • Real-time display of to-do list
  • Amazing integration with a wide range of software, including Dropbox, Tableau, Google, and more
  • Offers exportable pre-built or customized project reports

Workzone Pricing Plans:

Workzone plans

Workzone does not really has displayed its pricing on the website. You might have to get in touch with the workzone team to get a demo and also get a quote.

14. Trello

Best Project Management Software: Trello

Trello is a cooperation tool that manages your projects into boards. In other words, Trello informs you what’s being worked on, who’s functioning on what, and about tasks that are running in process.

Just think of Trello as a massive whiteboard, where you can stick all your works and projects along with their details. You can add each note as a task is assigned or finished by your team member. Moreover, you can easily attach data from other sources, and you can work on documentation and color-coded dates and notes.

Now envision that you can carry that whiteboard anywhere you go on your smartphone and can even access it from any computer through the net. That’s Trello!

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Trello Integrates with:

  • Slack
  • Adobe XD
  • Instabug
  • Telegram
  • Corrello
  • Freshdesk
  • Clockify
  • Jira
  • Dashworks
  • Peekaboox
  • Zenaton

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Trello Features:

Here are some of the thrilling and exhilarating features known in Trello:

  • Trello lets you understand and utilize Collaboration tools that are inherent.
  • Trello is a customizable free project management platform where you can literally start from scratch.
  • Moreover, Trello makes it very simple and easy to add team members to a board with the help of an invitation.
  • You can use and imply the Customizable templates into your work.
  • Trello provides an Ideas board for creating a creative working space.
  • Let’s use the Milestone tracking.
  • Time and expense tracking

Trello Pricing Plan:

Trello Pricing Plan

Trello includes three pricing tiers.

FREE Plan- $0USD

Free for your whole team. For individuals or teams looking to organize anything. This plan grants you free features like Unlimited cards, Up to 10 boards per Workspace, 250 Workspace command runs per month, Assignee, and due dates. Moreover, iOS and Android mobile apps are also available.


Per-user per month billed annually ($6 billed monthly). For teams that need to manage more work and scale collaboration. You get to enjoy everything for free, plus, Unlimited boards, Advanced checklists, Unlimited storage (250MB/file), and saved searches.


Best for teams up to 100 that need to track multiple projects and visualize work in a variety of ways. You get to enjoy the Dashboard view, Timeline view, Workspace Table view, and Calendar view.


For organizations that need to connect work across teams with more security and controls. It grants Unlimited Workspaces, Organization-wide permissions, Public board management, and Attachment permissions. Moreover, you get to enjoy Free SSO and user provisioning with Atlassian Access.

15. Podio

Podio cover photo

Podio is a comprehensive, web-based, powerful, and convenient project management software. It is likewise one of the few project management solutions that present a free, basic plan with narrow features.

Key Features:

  • Comes with filter and reporting options (helps automatically create a sales line and track project budget)
  • It maintains the flow of work on the basis of whether or not this is logical
  • Complete job management features
  • Provides a variety of calendar options, including personal calendar, workspace calendar, and more
  • Integration with many third-party applications (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more)
  • Effective communication and online meetings (Podio chat, instant messaging, audio and video, and more)
  • AES 256-bit encryption encryption and SSL Certified (secure location)

Pricing Plans:

Podio pricing

The first and foremost plan is free and lets you add up to 5 users. The second plan is the ‘Basic’ one. The basic plan will cost you around $7.20 per month.

The third one is the ‘Plus’ plan. It will cost around $11.20 per month and will also allow you the option of automated workflows. Last but not the least, it is the ‘Premium’ plan. It will cost you like $19.20 per user and presents a full suite of advanced features.

Methodology While Looking For Project Management Software

This list that I have mentioned below is an outcome of a thorough evaluation of the popular project management software that is used by small businesses.

Let’s discuss the factors that we considered while choosing inclusion for this list of the Best Project Management Software.

  • The comfort of use– An appropriate project management software is one that any person on your team can understand to use and work with. It should require minimal tech training. The project management software options that I have mentioned in this list offer simple yet effective tools. These tools are easily accessible, thereby, keeping the learning curve manageable.
  • Price and fees– If we talk about people owing Small businesses, they are always budget-conscious. For this reason, specifically, we examined project management software with possibilities for less than $8 per month per user.
  • Features and Functionality– Functionally and Features are very crucial thoughts when choosing the best project management software. The software’s capability to present basic project management tools as well as customize the experience of the project management to your company’s needs.
  • Customer support- When executing new software into your business or company processes, you are hooked to running into queries. However, in this article, I have prioritized software solutions that deliver the customer support required to assist you quickly and efficiently.
  • Customer reviews– Customers who have already used the software can give a better view of it. You must always look at the customer reviews as nothing can be telling more when assessing a purchase. I have listed only those project management software options that have like a minimum of 3.5-star ratings across their consumer bases.

Moreover, I have made sure to look at each project management software employing our own rubric. It includes many project management software factors that are very important, for small businesses especially.

What Is Project Management Software?

To understand Project management software, it is very important to first understand Project Management. It is the art of mobilizing and maintaining a company’s work and task towards the completion of a particular goal.

To think about it differently, project management can be a long-term work order or even a one-time activity. Whereas, project management software helps individuals or businesses to plan projects, and capture and implement knowledge and ideas. It additionally helps businesses stay organized via paper storage, search, and administrative features.

In other easy and simple words, the Project management software is a tool that assists businesses to perform project management.

Project Management Infographic
{PMS- Project Management Software}

The first Project Management Software is Harmonogram and it was firstly developed in 1896. However, Harmonogram has now gone under several changes profoundly. In today’s world, we have several types of project management software apps as well, that are easily available to us, these include:

  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop-based or web-based
  • Single-user
  • Visual
  • Collaborative

Project management is prevailing in science, engineering, information technology, construction industries, and the military.

But, the amazing part is that project management software has fetched considerable resourcefulness and automation. In other words, PMS has a distinct advantage over the earlier manual project management ways/Technique.

A successful project management software app can assist you to complete the following tasks:

  • Time-management & scheduling
  • Planning
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Resource allocation
  • Documentation


When choosing the ideal project management platform, there isn’t anything best or most ominous. It all reached down to the needs and conditions of your small business, whether you are using metrics or your budget and many other things.

To select the best software tool that works most promising with your business, you can begin with subsequent questions:

  • Do you require your team to operate remotely, that is, from a distance?
  • Do you require a customized program?
  • Do you require a plan that doesn’t cost on the number of users?
  • Will the Gantt chart asset in managing things better?
  • Do you like to have a stakeholder/client portal?

Keeping the overhead questions and your budget in mind, you can effortlessly select the best project management software.

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