9 supersonic Marketing Strategy For Linkedin For 2020

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As we all know that Linkedin becomes so popular among corporate. Every company spends a major amount of their marketing budget on Linkedin. I have figured out the main Marketing Strategy For Linkedin which will help to boost your marketing campaign to the next level.

Another reason why Linkedin Marketing is necessary is that its the best platform for B2B or B2C marketing campaigns. You can reach specific audiences as per your niche and territories. LinkedIn used by more than 450 million professionals.

1. Write articles on LinkedIn and advertise it in your network.

Just like you post blog articles. Post articles on LinkedIn as well. Or you can just copy-paste your blog article on LinkedIn by giving a link to your blog.

This will give you dual benefits

1. With your blog content, you will rank on google and other search indexes.

2. LinkedIn has its own search policies when someone searches inside LinkedIn with the same topic, there is a probability that your article will appear on search,

This will increase your profile popularity as well as your followers.

Now whatever you post on LinkedIn just share it with your connections and ask them for there valuable feedback. There are several benefits to that.

1. You will get genuine feedback

2. If your contacts like it they will share it further and your article will get more engagement.

3. LinkedIn is a plate form for professionals only, there are more than 600 million users and more than 300 million are active each month. If you are providing service for b2b client there is nothing better then Linkedin.

You can also contact your connections via email as well, but that email should be personalized like I am connected to more than 10000 people on Linkedin and its not possible for me to send a personal message to each of my connections individually. So I use email services like Mailchimp to send a personalized email. The more you engage with your connection or contact the better the bonding and trust will be.

2. Regular post on your company’s page.

Just like your personal LinkedIn page your company page is equally important.

A LinkedIn company page will give a detailed insight into your company. Its culture and work procedures and job opportunities inside your company.

If you don’t have a Linkedin company page then get one today. Anyone with a company name and email can create a Linkedin company page. It helps you and gives you a fantastic opportunity to share an update, recruit outstanding talent from across the globe. Increase your professional network and share useful updates.

While creating company page keep all below point in mind

    Write a compelling company summary.
    Write in detail about your product or services.
    Post an outstanding cover photo.
    Its a great place for recruiting talent so create a carrier section.
    Ask your employees to connect with your page.
    Publish regular company update like news or achievements to make it more useful.
    Now promote your update and your company page.

3. Post video content

Posting video content is now very effective, make a short video about tips or about your services or about your company culture which will tell the audience how good you are. The more the client knows about you the more they will build trust in you.

If you are promoting your service or any product and you want to run that campaign to B2B customers. Then you should try Linkedin video ads. With them, you are targeting direct decision-makers.

For example, if you are a digital marketing specialist like me and you want to target a niche like furniture manufacturers in Los Angeles only. You can easily target all CEO’s or marketing head while running your video ad. Also, video add will have more CTR then image ad

You can also share your youtube video on your Linkedin profile.

Since the launch of LinkedIn native video in 2017, LinkedIn has proven that it’s more than just a platform for long-form B2B content.

In one year, LinkedIn video posts generated more than 300 million impressions on the platform. They also earn an average of three times the engagement of text posts. Plus, early findings from LinkedIn’s beta program show that LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely than other content to start a conversation among LinkedIn members.

LinkedIn Native Video Specs

  • Minimum video length: 3 seconds
  • Maximum video length: 10 minutes
  • Minimum file size: 75KB
  • Maximum file size: 5 GB
  • Orientation: Horizontal or vertical. Note: Vertical videos are cropped into a square in the feed.
  • Aspect ratio: 1:2.4 or 2.4:1
  • Resolution range: 256×144 to 4096×2304
  • Frame rates: 10 – 60 frames per second
  • Bit rates: 192 kbps – 30 Mbps
  • File formats: ASF, AVI, FLV, MPEG-1, MPEG-4, MKV, QuickTime, WebM, H264/AVC, MP4, VP8, VP9, WMV2, and WMV3.
  • Formats that are not supported include ProRes, MPEG-2, Raw Video, VP6, WMV1as.

LinkedIn Video Ad Specs

  • Minimum video length: 3 seconds
  • Maximum video length: 30 minutes
  • Minimum file size: 75KB
  • Maximum file size: 200MB
  • Orientation: Only horizontal. Vertical videos are not supported by LinkedIn video ads.
  • Pixel and aspect ratio:
  • 360p (480 x 360; wide 640 x 360)
  • 480p (640 x 480)
  • 720p (960 x 720; wide 1280 x 720)
  • 1080p (1440 x 1080; wide 1920 x 1080)
  • File format: MP4
  • Frame rate: Maximum of 30 frames per second.
  • Audio format: AAC or MPEG4
  • Audio size: Less than 64KHz

4. Use hashtags to get discovered

Hashtags help users find content on a specific topic. And, if you add hashtags to your content, they’ll help you get discovered by other users, including those not connected to you. What’s more, you can follow hashtags on LinkedIn, meaning that posts containing your chosen ones will appear on your feed.

If I say from a marketing side it is very useful to reach the right audience. The LinkedIn hashtag also comes in other search platforms.

Please keep in mind that as of now hashtag doesn’t work on a personal profile or company page they don’t highlight as a blue clickable link, which makes them a non-tagged keyword.

There are two sides to using hashtags on LinkedIn:

Finding relevant hashtags to follow, so you can join a conversation.
Adding relevant hashtags to your content, so more people can discover you.

How to add hashtags to your LinkedIn articles

You can include hashtags in the body or at the end of your article, like the post-update above.

When you’ve finished writing your article, click ‘Publish’ in the top right corner. A pop-up window will appear. In the ‘Tell your network what your article is about’ field, you can add a short intro about the article including relevant hashtags:

Note: You cannot edit or remove hashtags after you’ve published your article.

How to add hashtags to your LinkedIn comments

You can also add hashtags when you comment on a post or an article. It will help your topic more discoverable:


5. Must have Complete Profile not incomplete

Your LinkedIn profile reflects your identity or its just like your resume. You should pay very close attention while creat your Linkedin profile.

If your client is visiting your profile then it should say all about you, your experiences and your past work references.

If any recruiter is coming on your profile then also it is very important to make it look appealing because if recruiters don’t find it appealing then they might go and see another person profile which is more appealing and written with more detail. He might never contact you for further discussion.

You should

  • Spend some time to make it more appealing
  • Get a custom URL for your profile.
  • Choose a great photo
  • Write an awesome headline
  • Write a detailed summary page.
  • Write some past case studies or relevant experiences.
  • Write your profile like you are having a conversation.
  • Show your best achievements
  • Add multimedia like powerpoint presentations
  • Try to get some recommendations, that will increase your profile credibility.
  • Get endorsements
  • Post articles relevant to your expertise.

You can check your LinkedIn profile strength. If you look at your current profile, there is a gauge on the right-hand side that gives you a “Profile Strength” measurement. Essentially, this is telling you how perfectly you have created your profile. Keep adding more and using the site’s tips until that gauge rates you “All-Star.” It’s simple and it will help you to create and better profile and you can also check whether you have overlooked something.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool and one that’s really easy to use. Make the most of it by optimizing your profile to grab attention, sell your skills, and validate your accomplishments. You want your page to be visually appealing to visitors while making it easy for them to get a feel for who you are and what you really can do for them professionally

6. Stay up to date with new Linkedin features. Engage with other influencers or bloggers on Linkedin

Although Linked Don’t change it interfaces very frequently, there are tons of features on Linkedin which you might be not using.

But you should aware of the new features which are coming and are beneficial for you for example,

Now you can add native videos on Linkedin

Now you can go live on Linkedin as well

Now you can promote a video on Linkedin as well.

You can send a personalized message to your prospective clients through Linkedin marketing tools

Now you can Integrate GIFS with your message as well.

Find Nearby People on Linkedin, You can on your Bluetooth and can find nearby personalities and can follow them.

Above are just some features out of 100’s other which you can do on Linkedin. I have just mentioned very little. I always tell any professional person that If you want to Explore your Niche and want to connect with Your prospective clients then Linkedin is the best platform for you.

Linkedin Has some paid profile Features as well like for

Career is $29.99 per month, or $239.88 (33% less) annually.

This membership allows you to see who’s viewed your profile, direct message recruiters, see how you compare to other applicants who apply for jobs through LinkedIn, get salary insights, and access exclusive educational content and interview preparation materials.

Business is $59.99 per month or $575.88 (20% less) annually.

This Is for Business Professionals, You will Get 15 in-mails per month on this, If you Don’t know what are in-mails then InMails gives you the freedom to send message to any Linkedin member. 1 message will cost you one in-mail. With a Business membership, you can also view an unlimited number of profiles on the site, see who’s viewed your profile, get career insights, and access online video courses.

Sales is $79.99 per month or $779.88 (19% less) annually.

Good for Sales People. This Premium account you can see the unlimited number of profiles on Linkedin. You will get 20 Inmails per month also you can see who viewed your profile. You will also get sales-specific insights( Lead recommendations ), You can also save the lead. Also, Advance Search Options for Lead Builder.

Hiring (or Recruiter Lite) is $119.95 per month, or $1,199.40 (17% less) annually.

This Account is for Hiring Professionals, You can see Complete profile details of any Linkedin account even it is 3rd connection. You will get 30 in-mails in this account. This is maximum with any premium account. Interface for recruiter account is very friendly, and advanced search options and smart suggestions that can help you find better job candidates. This includes an “integrated hiring” feature that gives you a bird’s eye view of your entire hiring pool. Plus, you also get automatic candidate tracking.


All Above plans come with a 1-month free trial, In free Trial, you will be able to use all features.

With Linkedin Premium accounts you can do a lot more things, features Like Sales Navigator, In Mails, allow you to reach your Limits to the next level.

7. Advertise your LinkedIn profile. Link on emailer or other social media platforms.

After you have created a Stunning Linkedin Profile. Now It’s time to advertise it. There are various methods to advertise your Linkedin profile but which I like is the most is adding a Signature link in your email, There are different benefits of this.

  1. If you are sending an email to a new client, He can see your LinkedIn profile to know more about you. This will build more trust on you.
  2. If you are sending an email to an existing client and he is not connected with you on Linkedin then he can see your profile and connect with you.

Also, you can give a link of your Linkedin Profile on other places like emailer ( if you are sending personalized emails), website, or while posting on other Social media platforms.

Below are some More tacts to advertise your Linkedin Profile.

  • Join Linkedin Group and do regular posting on them
  • Adding Your Company information, and Posting On that page.
  • Run advertisement on Linkedin
  • Connect with your employees and colleagues, If they share your post you will get notified.
  • Post Something Relevant and Ask other People to engage and share your content if they find it relevant.
  • Ask For recommendations
  • adding relevant keywords to come on Linkedin search result.
  • Engaging with other People post.

8. Use a sales navigator or recruiter Dashboard and stay one step ahead.

Today we are competing with everyone else in the market. Everyday New Technology is coming in the market which claims that you can achieve all your marketing goals, It is very difficult to choose the right one. According to my past year’s fo study, Linkedin is the best platform if you want to grow individually in your Professional niche.

With above if you have taken any Linkedin premium service then you are already one step ahead of the league with non-premium account members. If you ask any digital marketer which social network is good for B2B marketing, with NO second thought he will tell you the name of Linkedin.

LinkedIn is Consistently improving its user interface for there premium members. You are probably sitting next to someone with a different user interface than yours right now!

As a result of the newest LinkedIn changes, upgrade fever is in the air among the power users that have been enjoying the free platform. Notifications have been sent to certain users about this feature degradation. LinkedIn is offering free trials for Recruiter Lite or Sales Navigator. Both of these platforms are designed for the “hunters” in your company: Active sales and recruiting professionals. These power searchers or “hunters” should consider making an upgrade.

Trust me if you haven’t done this so far then this is the best time to upgrade to premium. There are still some basic search features available for a free user but if you want to reach your boundary Limits then you need to upgrade. Casual or occasional users will be okay in this new LinkedIn environment. In fact, those folks will find the new user interface easier to navigate.

The “Hunters” will use the different interface and can approach to more then 600 Million user available on Linkedin.

9. Define your audience and goals in advance . Create valuable content for them .

Here’s what doesn’t work anymore:

  • Only connecting with people you know in real life
  • Ridiculously long, spammy LinkedIn messages
  • Messaging people to hop on a phone call with you (for no clear reason)
  • Only posting links to external content instead of creating native LinkedIn content.

This is true that Linkedin Gives you the opportunity to connect with only 30000 people, although there was no limit on this earlier. But 30000 right connection is even more than sufficient.  I know Some small or middle size companies who are running because of 5-10 clients only. So you can imagine that if you are connected to 30000 relevant people, how valuable are they.

On Facebook, you can connect to 5000 people only. In Linkedin, you can connect with 30000 people, but the game will not stop even at 30000, Linkedin gives the opportunity to other people to follow you after you reach 30000 limits.

I’ll Give you one example here, Let Say you are a recruiter and providing manpower to IT Company only. So you should connect with IT HR Heads and with IT experts like B-Tech, M-tech or any IT Professional. You can also Segregate with mid-level or high-level people.

By this, if any of your clients told you that they need an M-Tech with more then 5 years of experience, you can shortlist with your already segregated audience.

Similarly, If you are a Digital Marketer and You Provide your Service to only e-commerce clients or any other niche people, Just connect with concern person only, Don’t just grow your connections randomly. Trust me You will not get benefit in that.

Now there is a question arise that “How To find the right person”

there are several search filters you can use, and If you have Linkedin Premium account then you will have 100’s of option to search,

Now you have your audience, How to encash that. There is one way you will send them an email or personal message but there is another way where your conversion ratio will increase drastically.

If you find out what your audience requires and what problem they are facing then you can encash them. I know this is weird but First Find the Problem and then offer the a solution.

You can post a blog or relevant content for this Like Whenever I do something Good for 1 Client we try to reach to other similar clients in very general ways and let them know that we recently achieved something good. This will increase Your Credibility and Chances Of converting Your Client will increase.

Over time I have nurture myself as a Marketing Specialist, I have served clients across the globe and love to eat different food and travel a lot. I have decided to spread knowledge of marketing and blogging.

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