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Clickup vs Monday.com (2022) Which is the Better Project Management Tool?
Clickup vs Monday
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Clickup vs Monday.com (2022) Which is the Better Project Management Tool?

Discussion for today: Clickup vs Monday.com!! Maintaining a track of deadlines, handling pipelines, delegating tasks, and automated procedures are now made very easy with the ever Best Project Management Software like monday.com and ClickUp.

Both of them have worked really hard to gain excellent user reviews, however, making it difficult for the users to choose and use. So, tag along with me for the differences between clickup and Monday.com. This will allow you to choose the best fit for your business or company.

Before starting off with a detailed comparison. let us take a quick look at the best project management tools, that is, Clickup vs Monday.com.

Clickup vs Monday.com

To be able to effortlessly manage projects and team members is essential for any business, and both of the platforms that we are working on today can be used by you, even if you are a freelancer or owning a corporate. If you want to easily overlook and supervise all your projects in a single platform, then, ClickUp and monday.com are excellent choices – but which one is more suitable?

ClickUp is a tough-charging up-and-comer, whereas monday.com is the yearly winner of the project management rankings. Which one is the best alternative for your business? Join in for this ClickUp vs monday.com battle and find out.

Main Differences Between ClickUp vs Monday.com

I am going to mention the primary differences between ClickUp vs Monday.com. These are:

  • ClickUp presents more features for task and time management, whereas Monday.com does not come with many features.
  • While ClickUp presents various views that include Gantt chart views, but, Monday.com does not offer you that much of a choice.
  • ClickUp is a speck of overwhelming while looking at it, whereas Monday.com has made it really comfortable for newbies and beginners to use.
  • While ClickUp functions and operated with more devices counting Alexa and Google Home, but, Monday.com does not come with such a function.
  • ClickUp presents a thoroughly free plan, whereas Monday.com does not offer a free plan.

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The Similarities Between ClickUp vs Monday.com

Now that we have discussed the differences, it is equally important to talk about the similarities as well, to make a fair comparison. The similarities between ClickUp vs Monday.com are mentioned below. These are:

  • Both come with a customizable dashboard option.
  • They both contain a ton of tutorials that are available online.
  • Both come with a running mobile app, which makes it easier for the users to use.
  • Both have the tendency to integrate with several calendar platforms including the Google Calendars.
  • They both let you supervise and manage the work pressure of your team members.
  • Moreover, both of them let you keep an eye on who is online and the tasks that you have assigned to your team weekly.

It’s now time to take a peek at them both in a better-detailed way.

What is ClickUp And What is Clickup Used For?

What is ClickUp

ClickUp or Clickup app is a platform that integrates the various features and elements of many other types of apps, that include to-do lists, project management tools, spreadsheets, email, time tracking, and recording and screenshots.

Basically, it is made in a way that aims at the individual as well as any sized business that wishes to simplify their team management work and project management. Moreover, ClickUp comes with a free plan which has proved to be absolutely amazing for small teams.

What is Monday.com?


Monday.com is a medium that lets you manage projects. You can now make plans, collaborate, create reports and even monitor progress on the results of your team & their assigned work. It is appropriate for not just individuals, but, also for businesses needing a solution for project management, but it has a limitation of 5 users only.

ClickUp – Prominent Features


ClickUp Feature

ClickUp delivers a customizable dashboard so that you can easily arrange and change the settings according to your needs and preferences. You get to see and work with a lot of features. These are:

  • A list view that displays tasks in a checklist form, with color-coding for the quickness of individual task
  • The Task management board view lets you see and observe the tasks in the manner of Pinterest. That is, you get to see boards for each task further categorized by the setting of completion.
  • Box view guides team members in boxes with tasks allocated to them.
  • The Calendar view displays your calendar with tasks that are color-coded by haste.
  • Gantt’s view is founded on the Gantt method of delivering a project’s progress over time, with particular tasks in a flow-chart style presentation.
  • The File view displays files in respective boxes for you to easily segregate and work upon.

Process Management

ClickUp Process Management

There are so many core features to create process management more effortless in ClickUp. Custom statuses let team members apparently mark the phase of each task, with customized color codes and checklists.

The Checklist templates entitle you to make checklists that can be even used again as a standard pro format template, for instance, if you are using the same process for another task, you can save the template so that the other members working on the same task can also use it. Moreover, this will make it very clear for your teammates to learn how to approach and initiate a task.

You can even add numerous assignees to the exact same task, and you can add task reliances. If you wish to stop a task from being initiated until another task is completed, you can also add a ‘waiting on’ dependency. That is, the next task will only be active once the other task is completed. Or, if you wish to stop a task from being completed, you can also work out the ‘blocking’ dependency. You can even link tasks together, so you can effortlessly see an outline of all the tasks linking to a particular project plan.

ClickUp, actually, makes it uncomplicated for the team members to continuously get reminded of their work ad task that needs to be finished. ClickUp also holds a feature that will flag up a notice if you try to complete a task that has an active dependency, it will dispatch out information when a task evolves unlocked.

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Customer Support

Clickup customer support

Clickup or clickup app has its own website, that helps boasts the highest-rated client support in the respective industry. Their customer support comes with an availability 24/7 and is even available to users that have taken under any pricing plan, Moreover, the Users can even access Clickup’s customer service team is not just one but several ways. 

ClickUpresource center delivers onboarding, webinar, documents, demos, videos, and a community of Clickup users in charge to troubleshoot issues on their own. So, they doest have to worry about even the smallest of that things.

Also, one of the prominent features of ClickUp comes under the Customer Service department. That is, you get to talk live with the people working at the support system.


Clickup delivers more than 300 native integrations in directives to boost users’ productivity. Few of the prominent integrations enclose slack so you can make and manage tasks without leaving discussions, Everhour for time tracking,. Also, Dropbox for file storage, and Google Drive to attach files and search according to the ClickUp task. The platform even delivers a public API so developers can build custom integrations. 

Monday.com – Prominent Features


The very first and foremost thing that you will notice while logging into Monday.com is that it will feel a speck more precise and specific to use than ClickUp. That is because it helps you and guides you through the necessary and introductory stages of setting up your account, which moreover, depends on what kind of business you hold.

Monday.com Features

Now that you have come to the dashboard of Monday.com, it gets really easy for you and anyone to navigate. The tasks that you assign are prepared and presented in the form of different boards respectively. These boards are placed similarly in the form of Pinterest Boards, which makes them visually appealing for the eyes as well. Also, you can switch the board view to the calendar view, which will help you further for having a clear view of the tasks that need to be done for the week ahead.

You can even set up your dashboard as you want. You can highly customize it and make it look however you want it to look. You just have to click and drag a widget wherever you wish to place it. These widgets include the status overview of the assigned project, charts, team members, time tracking, and even a mini-calendar that is color-coded for your convenience.

However, a drawback while comparing to ClickUp is that Monday.com does not really offer a similar variety of dashboards as ClickUp.

Project Management

Monday.com Process Management

Coming down to talk about the Project Management function, Monday.com offers a big hand for several features. You can construct boards for separate projects, which is an extremely simple yet effective thing to do. Every single board can include many tasks, which can be further bunched up together.

Moreover, you can even use the color-code feature to keep an easy eye on their status. Also, if you are among the member working on a particular task, you can create your own labels if the pre-made labels fail to suit your vibe or working space.

You can likewise add additional items to boards, which may also include time trackers, formulas, progress tracking, locations, and more. You can also automate some tasks, which will help you to save time on repetitious admin jobs, which is really beneficial.

Once the assigned project is complete and ready to transfer, you can track and even share the results using data from the other multiple projects as it will make it easier to easily visualize the work of your team member.

Customer Support

Monday.com customer support
Monday.com customer support

Monday.com delivers a thorough customer support offering as well. Customers can easily take help from the video tutorials or the knowledge base. The project management software even presents a section for you that has specific solutions. For example, marketing, project management, and sales.

Users can access the support team of Monday.com directly, however, Monday.com does not really offer an option for live chat as Clickup does. Users usually have to fill up an email concerning the problem to be able to contact them.

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Monday.com delivers more than 50 integrations so your team’s work can be unrestricted all in one place. Integrations on Monday.com’s site are further broken out into each separate broken out into categories such as CRM, marketing, etc.  

Principal and notable integrations further include Microsoft Teams under it. The integration of the Microsoft team helps to embed project boards into team chats, whereas, Excel helps to import and export any sheet among your team member you’d like.

ClickUp vs Monday.com – Pricing

ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp Pricing Plan

ClickUp proposes four pricing models:

Free Forever Plan – $0 member/month

The free plan comes with little but enough features to run a successful management tool. You get to enjoy unlimited tasks, unlimited members, and unlimited projects but do limit some other processes, including portfolios, goals, dashboards, and milestones. Also, the free plans are limited to 100 uses/views.

Unlimited Plan – $5 member/month

This grants you unlimited access to primary features besides Workload, Custom Exporting, and Private, Protected, and Default Views.

Business Plan – $9 member/month

This grants you unlimited access to basic features, as well as Workload, Custom Exporting, and Private Protected, even Default Views, plus branding and customization and many more features.

Enterprise Plan – Price upon Request

This provides you access to everything that is included in the business plan along with extra security features, like HIPAA Compliance, restricting who can add guests, and more.

You can find out more about the pricing here.

Monday.com Pricing Plan

Monday.com Pricing Plan

There are basically four pricing plans on Monday.com, excluding the Free version, but their range highly varies depending on the number of users you require. The prices shown here are based on five users (the minimum number).

Basic Plan – $39

This includes 5 GB of file storage, unlimited free views, unlimited boards, over 20 column types, some customization, and a few basic features.

Standard Plan – $49 per month

This includes 50 GB of storage, more integrations including Zoom, timeline and calendar view, a map view, and advanced search.

Pro Plan – $79 per month

This includes unlimited file storage, plus pretty much all the features Monday.com has to offer – including formula columns, chart view, private boards, and more.

Enterprise Plan – Price upon request

This includes many more security features – perfect for larger companies, large teams, or industries requiring extra security.

Monday.com offers a free trial – you can find out more here.

Pros and Cons of Clickup

You can edit the workspace and projects in any way you want.APP is very central.
The team is always releasing new updates and is very receptive to customer feedback.The time reporting feature can use a particular function.
The Features presented by the free program are solid.I don’t like the fact that checklists don’t seem like tasks.

Pros and Cons of Monday.com

The accurate design and number of customization options are good.Monday.com comes with a little learning curve.
The ability to create different elements and to link information from one board to another is excellent.The app and dashboard can be a minor errors.
Highly Responding support teamIf you have a lot of people working on your boards, and you use a lot of boards, notifications can be powerful


While monday.com and ClickUp are both adequate project management software, the facts don’t lie: monday.com is the obvious winner of this ClickUp vs monday.com outbreak. Aside from the cost, it’s merely the better program in every way. However, you can choose the one that works best for you!

ClickUp’s free plan is very superior to that of Monday.com. Thereby, making it a better choice for teams that are cash-strapped. ClickUp even has some interesting features, like the mind map, which is not present on Monday.com.

Now that we have come to the end of the ClickUp vs Monday.com bout, you must share your experiences while reading about it.

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