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7 Best Call Center Knowledge Base Software (Ranked & Reviewed for 2022)
Call Center Knowledge Base Software
Call Center Knowledge Base Software
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7 Best Call Center Knowledge Base Software (Ranked & Reviewed for 2022)

I have worked thoroughly and have put together an exhaustive list suggesting the 9 best call center knowledge base software that is available in the market today. However, the availability of these knowledge base software has increased immensely, and you can still choose the best one for you. The best call center knowledge base software can seamlessly integrate into any type of business you are running.

When looking out for a knowledge base software in the market, you will come across many brands. Too many actually. But, the ones that are specifically designed for call center business can help you a lot in understanding and growing your business, just like I did. Moreover, this knowledge base software for the call center helps you in preparing a proper working of the systems in the call center.

Let us now quickly dive into the article to find the best call center knowledge base software for you. In addition, you will also be able to find a lengthy list that will explore all the important aspects, including pros and cons, features, and pricing.

Call centers stay to be an integral part of customer support, especially in today’s B2B business landscape.

  • Market studies (2019) indicate that 64% of businesses think and feel the importance of efficient customer support. 
  • In expansion, more than 40% of customers favor speaking to real individuals while haggling with complex issues, thus highlighting the significance of setting up an effective call center knowledge base system.

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Basically, call centers are established to help SaaS businesses to deliver adequate customer support to their customers. Therefore, it is prominent that call center operators are supplied full access to updated information to determine and fix customer queries within the lowest time possible. One of the multiple effective ways to see this happen is by putting up a dedicated knowledge base.

Best Knowledge Base Software for Call Center 

Numerous factors come into play while demarcating the best call center knowledge base software for your business. So, let us reach deeper into the topic and acquire a wholesome overview of the knowledge base software that is available in the market and also, how they will help you in enhancing your business customer support.

Top 4 Call Center Knowledge Base Software That Works As A Base Tool





Price for 1 minute


Zendesk provides software-as-a-service products related to customer support, sales, and other customer communications. 

Intellum Platform

The Intellum Platform gives you all of the tools you need to create, present, manage, and track highly-personalized learning experiences for customers, partners

Wix Answers

Wix Answers puts all support channels on the same platform. Knowledge base, tickets, chats, and calls work together as one. Start your free trial today.


Bloomfire is a software-as-a-service company based in Austin, Texas. The business creates web-based software applications that aim to increase virtual knowledge-and-insights-sharing in the workplace. 

1. Zendesk

Zendesk produces knowledge management software that is specific and detailed to customize and use – as either an internal knowledge base, an IT knowledge base, a support agent-only knowledge base, or a customer-facing FAQ tool. Furthermore, because it is invariably available, customers and support agents can utilize the self-service portal to discover the correct information whenever they require it.

Build out your knowledge base without emitting the details. Drafts save if you are in the middle of a work in progress, rich formatting makes articles easy to read and you can use pre-made templates to maintain content structure. And if you are building an internal knowledge base, content can easily be restricted to just certain groups.

Zendesk knowlegde base software

Comprehend how your knowledge base content grows over time. Get a list of events, so you can consistently be up to date with the most delinquent changes, maintaining the integrity of your content.

knowledge base content

Measure and Enhance Customer Support Know what users are examining for and whether they are locating the right answers with built-in reports. Zendesk’s knowledge base software delivers insights to uncover gaps in content and allows identifying areas where you ought to create new KB content.

Zendesk knowledge base software


  • Customizable branding
  • Categorization
  • SEO
  • Full-text search
  • Customer feedback
  • Analytics
  • AI and ML-enabled bots and search
  • Community forums


Zendesk offers three pricing plans:

  • Suite Team: US$ 49
  • Suite Growth: US$ 79
  • Suite Professional: US$ 99

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2. Intellum Platform

If you are scrutinizing for knowledge management software and required to enlighten at least 10,000 employees, partners or customers, Intellum Platform is worth thinking about. While it possesses knowledge base software, the Intellum Platform is technically a learning management system. This implies it allows companies to host and promote educational courses, training schedules or learning, and development programs.

Intellum Platform Call Center Knowledge Base Software

The system is created for different industries including Technology, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Retail, and Healthcare. To get the pricing for Intellum, you will require to talk to a sales representative to obtain a customized quote.


  • Categorization
  • Content authoring tools
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Design customization
  • Full-text search
  • Customer feedback
  • Analytics


Intellum Platform has not provided pricing details yet.

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3. Wix Answers

Wix Call Center Knowledge Base Software

Prior to Wix Answers, there was (and still is) a product called Wix designed to empower small businesses without the technical resources of building a website. Wix Answers is based on the same value proposition; provide basic information software for small and medium enterprises. Wix Answers is fully cloud-based and offers two different subscription programs.

Their knowledge base software is available for $ 19 per user per month. And for an additional $ 11 per user per month, Wix Answers even offers Call Center, Live Chat and Ticketing System features.

Key Features:

  • Custom branding
  • Categorisation
  • Knowledge content management
  • SEO
  • Built-in-search
  • Customer surveys
  • Reporting
  • Discussion forums


Bloomfire offers four pricing plans:

  • Self-Service: $24 per agent/month, Billed annually
  • Multi-Channel: $60 per agent/month, Billed annually
  • Unlimited: $80 per agent/month, Billed annually
  • Call Center: $56 per agent/month, Billed annually

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4. Bloomfire

Bloomfire knowledge base Call Center Knowledge Base Software

Bloomfire centralizes company knowledge in a single, searchable platform, enabling support agents invariably deliver high-quality, contextually appropriate service. Bloomfire features several attractive capabilities such as AI-powered search, crowd-sourced FAQs, and rich media compatibility.

The platform also imitates social media by permitting users to interact with posts by liking, sharing, commenting on, or observing them. Bloomfire pricing begins at US$15 per user per month for up to 50 users. You can access more reasonable per-user rates if you hold more than 50 users.

Key Features:

  • Customizable branding
  • Auto-tagging content
  • Full-text search
  • Customer feedback
  • Use and content reporting
  • Zendesk integration
  • API Access
  • AI-enabled search


Bloomfire offers two pricing plans:

  • Essential: $25 Per User, Per month, Multi-Year Agreement
  • Enterprise: You have to reach out to the Contact Us Page
  • Go beyond the Essential Plan with a selection of Premium Features

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5. Helpjuice

Best for collaboration and extensive theme customization ($120 per month).

Helpjuice Call Center Knowledge Base Software

Helpjuice is a knowledge base builder that allows you to manage your corporate Wiki in one centralized hub. It allows you to collect, organize, access, and communicate information to a distinct audience, including your team and customers.

It delivers dozens of custom-made themes and editing tools that permit you to customize your content. Other components contain unlimited content formatting, easy article authoring, optimization for SEO, article history restoration, etc.

Helpjuice also permits you to make different privacy settings. You can make an internal knowledge base for your team, as nicely as a public base to respond to your customers’ questions.

Key Features:

  • Google-like Search – It delivers an easy Google-like search option to access articles instantly from the knowledge base.
  • Helpjuice Analytics – It suggests to you what your audiences are exploring, what content you should contain in your knowledge base, which articles require improvement, etc. You even get real-time access to the performance of your reports.
  • Multi-language Support – You can change around different languages from the writer panel to cater to diverse audiences worldwide.
  • Live Collaboration – Cooperate with your team in real-time with the commenting element inside the report. You can even see your article’s progress in real-time.
  • High-searchability – It lets you explore PDFs and even content inside pictures.

Benefits of Helpjuice:

  • Rate the impact of your content.
  • Advanced customization using liquid HTML / CSS.
  • The ability to add photos and videos to make your content more attractive.
  • Organize your content into several categories, folders, and subfolders.
  • Integration with tools like Slack, Google Chrome, Salesforce, Olark, etc.


Helpjuice offers four pricing plans:

  • Starter: $120 per month (up to four users)
  • Run-Up: $200 per month (up to 16 users)
  • Premium Limited: $289 per month (up to 60 users)
  • Premium Unlimited: $369 per month (unlimited users)

All of the plans come with a 14-day free trial, expert customization support, and customer care.

6. Guru

Best for automatic employee onboarding ($5 per month).

Guru Call Center Knowledge Base Software

Guru is a knowledge base platform that allows you to manage company information and ingress it from anywhere. It serves as a company wiki that stores and delivers all of the required information with a single click.

Along with organizing the knowledge base, it also makes a network of the company’s intelligence. Guru’s extraordinary “Capture” feature catches all of the relevant information from Google Docs, Slack threads, your company’s app, etc.

It also utilizes AI to offer or present information to evade searching for information manually. The machine-learning and AI-based system also enhance its operations over time based on your day-to-day workflow.

The tool even arrives with Verification Workflow and Browser Extension components to secure team members have access to the right information at the proper time.

Key Features:

  • AI-based solutions – This allows you to edit old content, create new articles based on default suggestions, etc. It also suggests that the most qualified employee is performing a specific task.
  • Fix Internal Connections – Keeps everyone informed about real-time releases, updates, and more.
  • Collections and Boards – Organize information and content using different boards, categories, and collections.
  • Detailed Information – Provides in-depth information to track and improve your knowledge base.

Guru Benefits:

  • Information notifications and duplicate discovery.
  • Real-time professional input.
  • Automatic staff and customer rides.
  • Customization tools and creating compelling content.
  • Integration with business applications such as Slack, Shopify, Microsoft Teams, Spotify, etc.


Guru comes with three pricing plans:

  • Starter: $5/user/month
  • Builder: $10/user/month
  • Expert: $20/user/month

All of the paid plans supply a 30-day free trial. Standard features contain browser extension, Slack app integration, verification, suitable search, commenting feature, general cards, and more.

7. ProProfs

Best for team collaboration and restricted content authorization (Free – 70/month).

ProProfs Call Center Knowledge Base Software

ProProfs is a knowledge base program that helps you create an online database, user manual, documentation, FAQs, Wiki, and more. You can also create custom videos to find an attractive way.

Furthermore, a great project management tool and task management tool to help team members work together.

ProProfs also possesses communication channels such as help desk programs, live chat software, analytics tools, etc.

Prevalent combinations include Google Analytics, Wufoo, Freshdesk, Salesforce, ProProfs Help Desk, ProProfs Live Chat, and more. Integration with different tools allows you to downsize customer tickets and maintain team collaboration.

It takes five easy steps to build a knowledge base of ProProfs:

  • Set your goal and target audience.
  • Use pre-designed templates and fill in the details. Or you can build it from scratch.
  • Customize your template by adding your own logo, color update, and more.
  • Import documents, PDFs, and more into your system. You can also add photos and videos for detailed tutorials.
  • Finally, publish your documents or articles.
ProProfs set up

You can either make a private base for your workers or a public knowledge base available to all your customers. Standard components include information centralization, unlimited editing, content authorization, compatibility with all gadgets , and more.

Key Features:

  • Highly-searchable – The software allows you to make a mobile-friendly and highly-searchable knowledge base and manuals.
  • Team Collaboration – You can make groups and allocate various roles to your members, namely administrator, viewer, editor, and contributor. Limit entry to information based on their functions.
  • Analytics and Reports – Get wisdom on what your audiences are exploring, sufficient keyword searches, articles that need improvement, etc.

Pros of ProProfs:

  • Instant 24/7 self-help.
  • Allow single sign-on.
  • Pre-designed customizable templates.
  • More than100 settings and integrations.
  • Permit documents and photos from any folder and in any format.


ProProfs offers three plans:

  • Free: $0 for up to 20 pages
  • Essentials: $20 per month (for up to 50 pages)
  • Premium: $70 per month (for up to 100 pages)

You can also try any free paid programs for 15 days. The Premium system allows you to build unlimited public or private bases and offers advanced features like API, white-label, etc.

What is Knowledge Base Software?

Knowledge Base Software is a tool or method you can say that it is used by organizations to build a knowledge base to determine customer queries. These tools also permit you to organize documents, frequently asked questions, tutorials, and more information into fixed formats.

The knowledge base is a sort of online library where users can find all their answers. All you require to do is supply the documents, answers to questions, guidelines, and more to build on this automated program.

Users can conduct quick searches and reach answers to their desired queries. You can limit their access to company employees, customer groups, or general audiences.

Here are some of the benefits of a knowledge base tool:

  • Maintains important information in one place for employees and customers.
  • Automatic staff and customer rides.
  • Provides customers with consistent services, which increases customer satisfaction.
  • The process of self-help takes less time than contacting the seller.
  • You can build a knowledge base in many languages.
  • It gives your company a professional look and keeps the system up to date.
  • Customers can always provide feedback.

How to Use a Knowledge Base in a Call Center? 

Once you have identified the best knowledge base for your business, the next task is to use it to your advantage.

Here are some common ways in which you can maximize the impact of your knowledge base.

  1. Inspire and Rouse Customers to Use Your Information Basically 67% of customers prefer to use a self-help service instead of talking to their interlocutor. So, if you already have relevant content on your website that can help your customers with their problems, try and direct them to it. This way, your clients will be able to use this resource the next time they have questions.
  2. Step by Step Oftentimes Asked Questions Creating complete reports that get your customer to follow each step by keeping the problem in mind is one of the most effective and specific ways to solve a question.
  3. Lastly, let your customer know about the knowledge base software. That is, you should make your clients aware of effective ways to provide solutions to customer problems. Not only that, customers are not aware of what the terms are Share Your Customer About Your Knowledge Base Sending emails to inform your customers about your health information base is an effective way to resolve customer inquiries. More often than not, customers do not know the service, and thus it is a good way to show customers that you have invested in a long-term relationship with them.

Benefits of a Call Center Knowledge Base To Improve Customer Service

call center knowledge base software

Access To information

We cannot simply dismiss the importance of time in delivering quick fixes. Customers should get accurate information immediately. This indicates that your call center agent should get information immediately.

  • With a call center database, you can retrieve information very quickly
  • Have a seamless tracking or seek quick access to information
  • Save search time that may be compromised on screen modification

Improves FCR

FCR refers to the first contact adjustment. This is an important metric for the call center to provide the best solutions to the customer’s question between the first contact. First Contact Resolution minimizes the efforts of a customer who reaches out to a call center for repeated help.

  • With a strong AI knowledge base, powerful AI search skills to get answers at once
  • With all the information in one source, call center managers receive the right information at the right time
  • The knowledge base enhances the FCR level with different features of the knowledge base software

Improve AHT

When a customer calls a call center, we hold it and connect it to the customer service manager. The information base helps customer service managers reduce call management times.

  • The information base presented in the resolution tree format can solve problems in just a few steps up to 5-7
  • A few steps mean less time taken to talk to customers over the phone
  • All of these factors combined using a knowledge base can reduce AHT

Lessens the Agent Error

The mistake is human, but there is no error space in the contact center. Knowledge base

The central knowledge base reduces agent errors significantly as it is a collection of all the required information.

  • Customer related data and their organizational history, tickets, submissions, etc., are all historically recorded for future reference.
  • This helps agents to act faster and minimize errors

Ticket Deflection

The proliferation of customer calls on the call center makes it difficult to reach all customers when they need a response. The information base used within the call center can be selected by selecting for external use.

  • With information management systems such as Knowmax, calls can be diverted and directed to self-help
  • With visual guides and FAQs, simple troubleshooting solutions can be sent to customers at their contacts
  • Support tickets help call center managers to handle complex questions and allow customers to help themselves more easily

Reduce Support Costs

Low support costs and high levels of call repair are the remaining balance.

  • With a contact center information such as Knowmax, all your contact information is in one domain
  • This information is stored in the cloud and can be accessed by your employees at any call center location
  • With all the information available in the cloud augmented with features that lower AHT and enhance FCR, as mentioned above, the cost of support will decrease with intelligent service delivery.

Helps with training

With the appointment of new call center managers, it is difficult to train individuals, and training can take a lot of productive time. A knowledge base with LMS can help you with everything.

  • By using the appropriate knowledge base software, you can use the LMS, a learning management system to train new agents
  • A knowledge base like Knowmax has features like quiz management to help agents get in quickly
  • Introduce the foundation that provides training kills two birds with one stone, that is, to keep your customers happy and meet your KPIs


The usefulness of a knowledge base for call centers is not limitless. However, Using a knowledge base by strategically placing and using its tools helps call centers reap the benefits. It isn’t comfortable to strive to reach KPIs at a call center with a minimal toolset.

Upgrade your call center with an internal knowledge base platform, like Knowmax, to assist you to get your KPIs at the contact center and maintain a happy relationship with your customer.

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