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About Sushant Arora

sushant arora

Hey, I’m Sushant Arora

I know I write about  SEO  & Online Marketing but can we be real for a sec?

Many of us, including me, are struggling financially. I have personally been broke my whole life.

I am working on this website from 2018 But Didn’t get much time to devote to it as I have other businesses as well, But the Love of my audience and students keep telling me that I should write more content on this website and distribute more knowledge.

I started my business in 2009 we were doing good but In 2014, I Shut down my company and stay at home for 6 months. actually, I was not happy with the quality of service delivered by our team at that time, I changed my marketing and working strategy and adopted new and advance methods of working. At the end of 2014, I opened the new office and till now our business is just growing. I made myself specialized in Content marketing and developing brands

That’s why I look happy in the picture 🙂

And that’s why it’s only fair to spread the love. You guys trusted me when I recommended things to help make your site load faster. Now it’s my turn…

29 Random And Disturbing Things About Me

  1. I live in New Delhi and I love this City
  2. I am From Agra which is my Home Town
  3. I Love to Help Needy people
  4. I love Indian food.
  5. I love German food.
  6. I love food.
  7. I was born in 1985.
  8. I’m 5’10″ and 220 pounds.
  9. I like Sufi Songs.
  10. I make most of my money through affiliate programs From Different Niches.
  11. I am running some other businesses as well, which I really don’t disclose
  12. I love Comics, I use to take them on rent when I was child.
  13. I used to drink a lot, now I drink occasionally.
  14. Now I’m a health and exercise maniac.
  15. I love to wake up early morning and gym is my hobby
  16. I play Cricket and Sachin and Virat is my favorite cricketer. Although I Hardly watch cricket because of such a busy schedule.
  17. I was an opening batsman
  18. I use to go to river rafting almost every year.
  19. I use to play Monopoly ( business) so much when i was a kid
  20. I Love coffee and I am a starbucks and cafe coffee day routine customer.
  21. I love tracking
  22. I had 4 wisdom teeth pulled out.
  23. Over a million people have read my tutorials.
  24. I’m Google Analytics certified.
  25. I was a designer before I came into marketing
  26. I usually don’t like designing websites unless it’s my own.
  27. I don’t like it when people try to get free SEO consulting from me.
  28. I don’t like when people try to take advantage of other people (it’s unpaid but it will be suuuuch a good experience). Bullshit.
  29. I got the t-shirt (from the photo above) from my wife. Thanks, dear.


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